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Understanding specifications; Pressure percent of Full Scale vs Span/Range

There is some confusion over the meaning of terms used in specifications Fluke handheld pressure calibrators. This is a brief explanation of these terms.

Glossary :

% of Full scale : Positive side range, it does not include negative side (vacuum) range value.

% of Range : Equal to % of Span. It includes negative side (vacuum) range value.


Specification used on our Models :

Fluke 717, 718 and 719 : % of range. Includes negative side.

Fluke 719Pro, 721 and 729 : % of full scale. Does NOT include negative side.

700P pressure modules : % of span. Includes negative side.

750P pressure modules : % of span includes negative side, excluding the reference class. Reference class modules are % of full scale.

700G gauges : % of full scale for both of positive uncertainty and negative uncertainty.

Example below is from 750P Technical Data sheet





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